In 2020, Downtown Gastropub and Restaurant opened it's doors inside the historic Townhall of Royersford, PA. We are a world class drinking and dining experience!



We highlight and support local distilleries and breweries which change on a weekly basis to keep the options we offer fresh and new. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that feels like you are in down town NYC / Philadelphia while keeping the local in town feel.



Our Team

At Downtown, we take pride in presenting a team of culinary artists and management professionals who are the heart and soul of our establishment. With a shared commitment to delivering an unforgettable dining experience, our staff have come together to curate a gastronomic journey that transforms meals into cherished memories.

Downtown Staff Member Jon

Jon has been a chef with Downtown for 15 years where he has made Multiple types of dishes and types of food mainly specializing in New American Cuisine where he combines his creativity and tasty recipes into small plates, Sandwiches, and amazing apps. When he is not working he enjoys spending time with his dad hunting and exploring new restaurants and cuisine. Jon is the back bone here in our kitchen and has helped design our menu we change out seasonally.

Downtown Staff Member Scott

Scotty is our executive Sous chef who is known for one of the best Nashville hot chicken recipes you will ever taste! Every sauce made at Downtown was most likely created by the talented Scott. Scott graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and has been a chef for 30 years exploring all types of cooking, cuisine, and even pastries. Scott creates our weekly specials and constantly tweaks our recipes to ensure they remain intriguing and mouth watering. When Scott isn’t working, he enjoys working out at the gym, taking his TransAm for a spin, and spending time with his wife, who is a pastry chef.

Downtown Staff Member Tracy

Tracy is our general and front of the house manager. She has over 25 years in hospitality ranging from corporate Establishments, to fine dining, and everything else in between. Tracy brings her experience of leading people, helping curate our cocktails, and keeps her team on their P’s and Q’s to make sure we run smoothly. When Tracy isn’t working she enjoys spending time by the pool with her kids and taking trips to the beach. Tracy is a huge asset here at Downtown!

Erianna is our Assistant Manager and personality of the front the house! She graduated from Bloomsburg University with a degree in Communications. She helps run Downtown and make sure all of our guests are happy. When she is not working she enjoys traveling and clubbing with her friends. Erianna is a huge asset at Downtown!